FIJI Natural Artesian Water, 500 mL, 24 ct

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Firstly, Our Fiji natural artesian water is soft and easy to flavor. It comes from a plentiful supply- a covered artesian aquifer observed deep underground within the faraway Fiji Islands. FIJI Water is the choice of discerning top chefs, great eating places, and international resorts
Stay hydrated with FIJI natural Artesian Water. In addition, every 500mL bottle incorporates Earth's finest electrolytes, imparting the right grasp-and-move length for any occasion. With 24 bottles in a case, you may have sufficient to stay hydrated and refreshed regularly. Revel in the taste of paradise with each sip.

FIJI Water and then Evian natural spring artesian water, which has the minerals silica, magnesium, and calcium. Silica is what gives FIJI Water its tender mouth experience. Even as calcium and magnesium are essential minerals, excessive amounts of those minerals can make the water "difficult" rather than "soft."


  • FIJI Water Bicarbonate
  • 17mg/L Calcium
  • 19 mg/L Chloride
  • 10 mg/L Fluoride
  • zero24 mg/L Magnesium
  • 14 mg/L Sodium
  • 18 mg/L Silica
  • 96 mg/L Sulfate

Key Advantages:

Regular hydration:

Firstly, Ideal for quenching thirst at the pass, within the office, and occasionally Fiji natural artesian water.

Natural electrolytes:

As tropical rain filters via volcanic rock, it gathers electrolytes, giving Fiji Water drastically more electrolytes than different manufacturers.

Herbal artesian:

Bottled from a herbal artesian aquifer within the far-flung Fiji Islands.

Smooth, easy taste:

However, it filters through ancient rock, and the water acquires the silica that gives Fiji its signature soft, easy taste.

FIJI offers lower back:

In addition, in 2007, Fiji Water supported the communities wherein we stay and work. So this includes presenting fitness care, getting the right of entry to local communities, constructing instructional facilities, and supporting the Sovi rainforest.


FIJI Water has more than double the electrolytes compared to the alternative two pinnacle top-rate bottled water brands.

On the other hand, there are one hundred occurring. These electrolytes provide FIJI Water with its signature tender mouthfeel and easy flavor.
However, Fiji Water is sourced from an underground aquifer in Fiji, ensuring its natural purity and freshness.
Finally, this natural filtration technique contributes to a crisp, clean flavor that consumers praise.