FIJI Natural Artesian Water, 1 Liter, 12 ct (Sizes May Vary)

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The FIJI Natural Artesian Water, 1 Liter size, is perfect for trekking, travelling, and ordinary hydration. Its soft, clean taste comes from its tremendous source. However, it included an artesian aquifer found deep underground inside the far-off Fiji Islands. FIJI Water is the equally important choice of discerning top chefs and first-class eating places and inns around the arena.

 Moreover, FIJI Natural Artesian Water 1 Liter is a dream vacation spot. It is an archipelago of more than three hundred islands scattered over the blue waters of the Pacific. This amazing and sunny vacation spot conjures up serenity.


  • Firstly FIJI Water Bicarbonate
  • 17mg/L Calcium
  • 19 mg/L Chloride
  • 10 mg/L Fluoride
  • zero24 mg/L Magnesium
  • 14 mg/L Sodium
  • 18 mg/L Silica
  • 96 mg/L Sulfate

Features of FIJI Natural Artesian Water 1 Liter:

  •  Firstly, Fiji water comes from this idyllic place. 
  • It's miles an artesian water, this is to mention underground water. 
  • It's miles drawn from a water desk that lies several meters underneath the brink of a tropical woodland inside the Yaqara Valley of Viti Levu.
  • Slowly filtered by way of volcanic rocks, it accumulates minerals and electrolytes that make Fiji water smooth and easy within the mouth.
  •  In addition, this water is the image of a preserved eco-machine and a lush nature.
  • FIJI Water, after which Evian herbal spring artesian water has the minerals silica, magnesium, and calcium.
  • In additionally, at the same time, calcium and magnesium are vital minerals, but immoderate amounts of these minerals can make the water exemplary.

Key advantages:

Ordinary hydration with FIJI Natural Artesian Water 1 Liter :

First of all, it is perfect for quenching thirst at the bypass, in the office, and on occasion, in Fiji, natural artesian water.

Herbal electrolytes:

As tropical rain filters through volcanic rock, it gathers electrolytes, giving Fiji Water significantly greater electrolytes than distinct manufacturers.

Natural artesian:

Bottled from a herbal artesian aquifer in the long way-flung Fiji Islands.

Smooth, easy flavour:

However, it filters through ancient rock, and the water acquires the silica that offers Fiji its signature smooth, clean taste.

FIJI offers decrease again:

Similarly, in 2007, FIJI Natural Artesian Water 1 Liter supported the groups where we lived and painted.  Finally, this consisted of providing health care, gaining access to local groups, constructing instructional facilities, and then supporting the Sovi rainforest.