Cleanlogic Detoxify Purifying Charcoal Infused Exfoliating Body Scrubber


Estimated delivery between April 21 and April 23.

  • Body Scrubber: Treat your skin to a deep, immaculate clean every time with this exfoliating dead skin remover. This shower body scrubber helps remove dirt, oil & other impurities building up in your pores. Leaves skin feeling smooth and fresh
  • Benefits Of Charcoal: The activated charcoal exfoliating scrubber promotes deep cleaning and easily absorbs impurities to help detoxify skin. Regular exfoliation can help increase circulation and assist lymphatic drainage. An essential skin care tool
  • Easy-to-Use Charcoal Body Scrub: Gently massage your body in circular motions with this body scrubber exfoliator to remove the dry and dead skin cells blocking your pores. Do not be too rough or press too hard as it could irritate the skin
  • Nice And Clean: The clean fiber technology on all Cleanlogic products helps prevent the spread of odor-causing substances. Cleanlogic uses a unique and exclusive blend of exfoliating materials for a long-lasting smooth, hygenic clean feeling all over.
  • A Better Clean For All: Cleanlogic packaging has functional Braille to help the blind and visually-impaired. A portion of our sales go to organizations for the visually impaired and employing people with disabilities. Cleanlogic is a minority owned business.